And with kids like Leon supporting our charity, My University Hospitals Sussex, it isn’t hard to believe. 

Unlike other boys his age, when Leon turned eight, he didn’t provide his parents with a long wish list of toys he wanted. Instead, he asked for toys to donate to poorly children. And so, when his birthday party rolled around, his friends all brought a present not for Leon, but for children staying in our hospital.

Leon shared:

“I love toys to play with and a lot of kids do. I thought it would be nice for the sad kids who are poorly to get cheered up with some toys. I’ve also been to hospital many times, so I know. My friends’ parents loved the decision and thought it was very kind. My teachers have been amazed that I am going to donate toys to the children’s hospital.”

After his birthday party, Leon and his mum Carrie headed to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital to hand over the huge pile of presents to a very grateful Play Team.  

Amy from the Play Team said: “Thank you so much to Leon for the kind donation we received. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and the gifts will be really appreciated on the wards.” 

If you have felt inspired by Leon’s generosity, take a look at the many ways you too could support patients across your local NHS hospitals. 

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