Join us and make a difference

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved as a volunteer in your local hospitals. From greeting patients and visitors to gardening and supporting charity events, you can find the perfect way for you to volunteer and give back to the hospitals.




Departments helped

Here are some different types of volunteering opportunities at our hospitals:

Wellbeing Support Roles

  • Gardening volunteer
  • Chaplaincy volunteer
  • Pets as Therapy volunteer
  • Shop & Trolley volunteer

Patient Support Roles

  • Ambulance service volunteer
  • Befriender, visitor or companion for patients
  • Research volunteer
  • Mealtimes volunteer
  • Patient transport and driving support services

Charity Event Roles

  • Helping at fundraising events
  • Hosting information stalls
  • Staff hamper distributor

Other Roles

  • Administrative volunteer
  • Equipment Library volunteer

How to get involved

To become a volunteer with the Trust, you will first need to submit an application. The teams will then take you through an interview, checks and training so you're in the best position to make an impact in your role. Wherever you end up volunteering, you will be a crucial part of a team that makes an important difference to people's hospital experiences.

Monique's Volunteer Story
“I volunteer on the Emergency Floor of St Richard’s Hospital”
I love being able to give something back to my community and help the NHS staff who work so very hard to keep everything in check! With the experience I am gaining, I hope to work as an Emergency Care Assistant in the future. Volunteering has only made me more passionate to reach my goal.
Rob's Volunteer Story
“I enjoy meeting new people each time I come in”
I have been a volunteer in the Outpatients Department at St Richard's Hospital for two years. During the pandemic, I also volunteered in the Vaccination Hubs. I volunteer because, due to taking early retirement, I have time to help others. I feel my role not only helps patients but also goes a little way in helping the extremely busy staff.
Mary's Volunteer Story
“Why did I became a volunteer? The answer to this is simple: because I wanted to give something back”
I have been volunteering with the Nuclear Medicine Department for the past three years. My job is mostly based on the Reception Desk booking in patients who have appointments, and occasionally helping out with other duties too. I often chat to patients who are on their own or anyone who is nervous about their appointment. If it puts them at ease then I feel I've done something to make things easier.
Libby's Volunteer Story
“What I enjoy most about volunteering is the people”
I volunteer on the Maternity Unit at St Richard's Hospital. I decided to start volunteering as I am interested in applying to university to train to become a midwife. Volunteering has given me an incredible insight into the day-to-day workings on a postnatal ward. Everyone has taken time to show and explain things to me and made me feel valuable.
Judy's Volunteer Story
“To me, volunteering is much more than simply offering your help”
You meet amazing people and the satisfaction you will find is brilliant. The staff make you feel like you are one of them and they treat you with the highest respect. You are never considered ‘just a volunteer’ and can never begin to fathom the great contribution you make or the impact you have on those around you. I have been volunteering in A&E/the Urgent Care Centre for three years and love every moment.
Joy's Volunteer Story
“I have made good friends through my volunteering”
In my current role at St Richard’s Hospital, I help to reassure patients, offer cups of tea, take the lunches round and help to maintain a tidy and clean environment. I love working with such a friendly, supportive team. I enjoy chatting to patients and offering companionship, which makes me feel good and hopefully helps them feel a little better.
Elisabeth's Volunteer Story
“I wanted to give back to the place where I received care”
I was very excited when I saw that The Park Centre for Breast Care was looking for volunteers for their café, because this was exactly the place where I had received such excellent care only a few months earlier! I now happily volunteer at the café every Thursday afternoon during school term-time. It makes me feel happy and useful, being there to keep the staff well-nourished as they go through their busy working day.

Other ways to get involved

Find out about other opportunities to volunteer, such as fundraising or community events in your local area.